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Christmas Decor

The Gift & Décor Company represents the most comprehensive range of Christmas décor in South Africa; the assortment range is made up from the following categories;
Tree Lights (Solar, Micro bulb, LED)Indoor (tree lights, decorative lights, ornamental lights)Outdoor (House decorating, light motifs, Rope lights)Tree decorations (variety of baubles & novelties)Plush (Santa suit, stockings)Trees (largest assortment of Christmas tress)Gifting (table decor)

TREE DECORATIONS - Baubles, characters, novelties and ribbons

giftdecor christmas tree decor

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS - Solar, Battery and Electrical

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS - Solar, Battery and Electrical

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS - Light Novelties

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AC SX679
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TREES - Assorted Colours and Finishes

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PLUSH AND NOVILTIES - Stockings Characters, Santa Suits, Hats and Decor

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Wreaths and Tinsels

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giftdecor christmas wreath
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Home Decor

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