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The Gift & Décor Company is a global sourcing company

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The Gift & Décor Company is a global sourcing company which manages the product requirements of independent retailers, department stores and supermarkets throughout South Africa. 

We boast an extensive catalogue of branded toys and products which we purchase directly from the principle producers.

Through our head office in Johannesburg and affiliate offices in Hong Kong and Guangzhou we are able to co-ordinate and manage an efficient logistics process, ensuring stock availability throughout South Africa of our products at all times.


Gift & Decor has its own merchandising arm which was created to ensure our customers receive service excellence, from placing the order, delivering the product to packing the merchandise on the shelf.

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At the Gift & Décor Company , we boast on of the largest showrooms in South Africa through which our customer's specific needs can be identified and developed.

We produce solutions that assist our customers from the selection process till the merchandising phase within their environment.

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Retail Store

Retail Store

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Retail Store


The Gift & Décor Company follows the strictest guidelines of quality, as QA control is a fundamental part of our procurement pipeline. All our products are tested by external laboratories in the country of manufacture as well as then being SABS approved locally. These processes and procedures that we have put in place allow us to evaluate the quality of all the products that we source, so that we might promote them with the greatest of confidence.

social and environmental

It is the policy of The Gift and Décor Company to conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner that protects the environment and social structures.

Comply with all environmental regulations without regard to the degree of enforcement.

The Gift & Décor Company and its manufacturers hold a strict social responsibility in alliance with labour and environmental laws both locally and internationally.  

We integrate environmental protection into every aspect of operations. Ensure that conformity with this policy and continual improvement through a comprehensive compliance program and audits.