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the gift and décor company

The Gift & Décor Company is a global sourcing company that specialises in three product groupings:
Company has expanded into a one-stop venue that caters for all seasonal events. As we interpret latest seasonal trends, both locally and internationally you are sure to find the trendiest and most eye-catching themes, colours and products on our showroom floor. Our focus is on product development and as such we are continually exploring new avenues in order to create the right ambience for each of our customers and their individual needs.


Christmas Décor

The Gift & Décor Company represents the most comprehensive range of Christmas décor in South Africa; the assortment range is made up from the following categories;

Lights (Solar, Micro bulb, LED)

Trees (Traditional, Fibre Optic)

Baubles (Shatterproof, Glass)


Wreaths and Tinsel (PVC and Foil)

Crackers – Exclusive designs


Seasonal Décor items

We provide seasonal décor solutions for the following celebrations; we concentrate in providing our customers with the latest trends as well as fast selling ideas. Our seasonal solutions are geared around the following promotions:

Party items and accessories


Unique Party 

Generic Party


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